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Dr. Torkaman


Dr. Mahshid Torkaman

Founder and General Dentist


Dr. Mahshid Torkaman, founder and principle dentist at Pacific Dental Centre, is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc) degree in Anatomy Cell Biology and completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D) training. Upon completion of her Dental Degree, Dr. Torkaman was selected to enter a highly competitive General Practice Dental Residency Program at McGill University. During her residency, Dr. Torkaman not only expanded her skills in all aspects of General Dentistry, she also had the opportunity to participate in various community outreach programs providing dental care to vulnerable groups throughout Montreal. In addition to her ongoing interest in continuing education, Dr. Torkaman enjoys teaching and was a clinical instructor at McGill University’s School of Dentistry prior to her move to British Columbia. Dr. Torkaman is highly committed to her patients and their well-being, and can assist her patients in English, French and Farsi languages. Dr Torkaman loves talking and interacting with her patients, so be sure to bring your questions!



Clinic Environment

Oral Health Series – Cavities

Cavities and tooth decay are among the world's most common health problems. They're especially common in children, teenagers and older adults. But anyone who has teeth can get cavities, including infants. We hear it a lot but what exactly are cavities? Cavities are...

CEFA Daycare – Kitsilano

We had the pleasure of visiting CEFA Daycare in Kitsilano last week! Lots of fun preparing goodie bags for 50 children! 🦷 🎁 👶 The little ones enjoyed story time with Dr. T 📚 and listened carefully as we provided oral hygiene instructions! 🙂 It’s never too early to...

Insurance Reminder

It has been a tough year but it is that time of the year again! With the New Year around the corner, don't forget to use your Dental benefits before you lose them! Most dental insurance plans renew January 1st. This gives you a unique opportunity to maximize your plan...

Oral Health Series – Periodontitis

Let’s talk about Periodontitis! The gingiva (gum tissue) and the bone surrounding the teeth are called the periodontal tissue, and they’re very important in ensuring proper support for our teeth. Periodontitis (per-e-o-don-TIE-tis), also called gum disease, is a...

We are Open! COVID 2020 In order to protect you and your family we have introduced many new safety precautions until further notice. If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, and runny nose, please do not enter. We will...